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ficlets. let me write a something for you.
ask for a pairing + genre + prompt / lyric / something
don't have hard feelings if i don't write what you ask for, i'm a picky bitch with random spurts of "creativity".
try to pretend you like what i write, it might encourage me some.

relevant things: super junior, b1a4, dbsk, akb48, etc... i guess you guys know what anime i like


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yay i sort of like you guys so i figured i'd send out some christmas cards :3

just leave your name and address and link to your christmas cards post (if you have one)~

comments are screened so get to it already.

a k hiphop/rap mix for marfa and everyone else who may want it

Don't Stop (Feat. Soul Connection) - Still PM
Nu Leaders (Feat. JJK, Dead'P, Deepflow, Huck-P, Dragon A-T) - 조 브라운
사랑했는데 (feat. Nonoo) - 러브 스토리
I'm Hot, You're Not (feat. San E) - Bizniz
Glow - Radiostarr
Respect (Csp, Maslo, Jepp, Still PM, DJ Tiz) - Soul Connection
가라앉은 도시 - JJK
반반 - Rimi
Baby (Feat. 이상) - 타우
Show Me (Feat. Still PM) - CSP
Hey hEy heY (feat. Outsider) - L.E.O
You - D.N.G
청룡열차 (feat. SUPREME TEAM & 길미) - L.E.O
Be My Luv Remix (feat. B-Free, 'NUCK'넋업샨, Paloalto & junggigo)- The Quiett
Put your hands down (Feat. Innovator) - JJK
(BONUS TRACK) 이쁜여자 - HotClip since i forgot to include it in the rar file...
cool points.rar